Cafe des Artistes


Toast aux Champignons
Warm brown toast, topped with a mushrooms and sauteed onion mix, green herbs and crushed black pepper

Tuna Spring Rolls
Our homemade tuna- and vegetable rolls, deep fried and served with a sweet Thai chilli-sauce on the side

Italian Salad
Fresh “Santa Lucia” mozzarella, served with tomatoes and fresh Italian basil, topped with a balsamico and olive-oil dressing

“Pate des Ardennes”

A classic pate, served with the usual trimmings and homemade strawberry jam, toasted baguette slices on the side

“Escargots Bourguignonne”
 A traditional French starter, 6 snails baked in the oven in a melted “Cafe de Paris” herbs-butter, toasted bread on the side

Grilled Prawns “Diabolique”
Freshly grilled prawns, on top of a delicious tomato, capsicum and brandy cream-sauce, served with toasted baguette on the side

Smoked Norwegian Salmon
Norwegian smoked salmon on a warm brown toast, topped with its sour-cream and Rocquefort-dressing

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