Cafe des Artistes

The Belgian Connection

Café des Artistes, set-up by Belgian Rudy Kerremans in 2003 in Ubud Bali, quickly became the place to be for many travelers, expats and locals alike. Rudy was born in Lier, a small city, about 15 km South of Antwerp, Belgium’s 2nd city after its capital Brussels.

After working in Belgium in the hospitality industry for many years and running his own late-night bar in Antwerp for a couple of years, he decided that the time was right to search for new horizons and experiences. In 2001, he ended up in Bali, visiting a Belgian friend who was living in Ubud at that time and fell in love immediately with the place, the people who live there and its artistic atmosphere.

After visiting another 5 or so countries in the region, he decided that Bali in general and Ubud in particular was the place he wanted to live, and quickly came to the idea of opening a restaurant there. Apart from being a restaurateur, he is also involved, as contact-person for Indonesia, in “Vlamingen in de Wereld”, an organization supported by the Flemish government in a search to connect all Flemings abroad.

Close contacts to the Belgian Embassy in Jakarta also make him the ideal person to talk to, if you have any questions about doing business here in Bali, or just for a relaxed chat.

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