Cafe des Artistes

Our famous grilled tenderloin-steaks

Available in two sizes, grilled to perfection

“Cafe de Paris”
Topped with homemade garlic- and green herbs butter

Served with a creamy mushroom-sauce

“Poivre Creme”

Served with a creamy black-pepper-sauce

Served with a brandy flavoured tomato, capsicum, onion and mushroom-sauce

Served with a creamy tarragon sauce

Served on a creamy French blue cheese sauce

All main-courses, unless otherwise stated, come along with 2 of the following side-dishes:
French fries / oven-baked potato / saut?ed parsley potatoes / garlic mashed potatoes / steamed rice / mixed salad / tomato salad green salad / sauteed vegetables / broccoli gratin / sauteed green peas

extra side dish: 15,000Rp.  extra sauce: 10,000

A 15% tax- and service charge will be added to your bill

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