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Special culinary feasts – to order one day in advance

Bebek Betutu (2 pax)
A real Balinese tradition! Usually served only on auspicious days and ceremonies. A whole duck, smoked for hours, served with its traditional “Lawar” vegetables and plenty of steamed white rice.

Ayam Betutu (2 pax)

Another Balinese treat, served on special occasions only at many Balinese households. This whole chicken is smoked for hours, then served with its traditional side dish: “Lawar” vegetables and steamed white rice.

Indonesian “Rijsttafel” (Min. 2 pax)

The traditional culinary feast for many Indonesian households instructed many years ago by the Dutch, “Rijsttafel” means “Rice table” in English and that’s what its all about. Your table piled  with all different Indonesian delicacies, rice, sambals, meat and fish?. A taste of the archipelago.

Belgian style “Steak Tartare” (Min. 2 pax)

An absolute specialty of Belgium and France, this chopped tenderloin steak is served raw on a chilled plate, together with its traditional condiments such as capers, chopped red and white onion, gherkins, French mustard and a raw egg-yolk.and a portion of those irrestible French fries on the side.
Ready to prepare and season it to your own taste, unless you want us to prepare it in the kitchen for you.

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