Cafe des Artistes

Vegetarian Menu

A selection of the dishes on the menu, suitable for vegetarians

Clear vegetables soup
A mix of vegetables in a clear vegetables stock, served with warm baguette

Cap cay tahu
traditional steamed vegetables in a vegetables stock, served with steamed white rice


A mix of steamed vegetables, beancurd and soya-cake, served with steamed white rice and homemade peanut-sauce

Italian salad

Fresh ?Santa Lucia? mozzarella, served with tomatoes and fresh Italian basil, topped with a balsamico and olive-oil dressing

Toast aux champignons

Saut?ed mushrooms, green herbs and black pepper, mixed and  served on a warm toast

Greek salad bowl
Tossed lettuce leaves, tomatoes,  imported feta-cheese, black and green olives all dressed with a herbal garlic dressing

Vegetarian fried rice

Stir-fried vegetable rice, fried egg on top, tofu and tempe on the side
Indonesian tomato-sambal and pickled acar

Goat-cheese “Piperade”
Imported goat-cheese, tomatoes and marinated capsicums, topped with honey and sesame-seeds, served on toast

A 15% tax and service charge will be added to your bill

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